Monday, November 3, 2008

Blogger, Google, and AOL

Today was a very productive day for me. I managed to get caught up on about 13 of the blogs I follow. I checked out that Google Reader. If you aren't using this... try it! What a great way to keep up with entries! I'm not kidding. I have that Windows Live on my main computer so I can subscribe to blogs, and keep them in my toolbar and/or get an alert in my desktop sidebar reader thingy. And this Google Reader is much simpler, easier, and better organized in my opinion.

You can "star" entries that you'd like to refer back to for whatever reason (recipes, tips, etc) and you can mark entries as unread and go back to it later. I'm telling you folks, it's the way to go for keeping up. It lists all your subscriptions and then all entries for that blog that you haven't read. Did I say already that it's simple, easy, and organized? LOL

Ok, enough about Google Reader. Have you checked out that Picasa? This is also a Google feature and it's for photos. I transferred some of my AOL pictures over to it today instead of photobucket. I've used photobucket forever and have never really checked out anything else. So I decided to check this one out. I like it! I haven't figured out yet how to upload more than 5 pictures at a time yet though. Oh, and I found out if you delete a picture it's deleted as well from your blog. OOPS! Oh well, no biggie. The ones I deleted were from my archived journal anyway. But just to try it out I uploaded 13 just for now to see how much space you get. You get 1024MB and those 13 pics used up 1MB. So you can upload roughly 13,000 pictures. Not bad, but I don't know if that takes away from the storage you get on Blogger or not?

Which brings me to the third thing I got accomplished - fixing up my new home here. I decided to delete my old posts off this blog and make a new one. So now I have a fresh start and all of my AOL entries are now here My Random Thoughts - Jland Archive. I also putzed around in Photoshop and created a background and header for my new little blog. While I like how they turned out, I'm not sure I like the idea of sprucing up my blog now. Why? Because I'm limited to one color of font! And formatting it to be that color is not something I have really figured out yet how to do easily so it's a bit of a pain. And getting that background to cover the whole page took me nearly 20 tries. Good grief! Now I can't figure out how to format the font face on various parts of the blog and I don't like how that looks. So I have to either figure it out or give up the decorated blog I guess.

I also put my email link on my profile. Which brings me to another thing I did today. I uninstalled AOL from my computers. The hell with AOL. I am having issues with my email and the whole AOL thing has just finally got me so frustrated I am leaving AOL altogether. As soon as I can get everything saved out of the mailboxes I am deleting my screen names, both the AOL and AIM screen names. I now have a gmail address and it actually works with my Windows Live Mail whereas AOL/AIM never did. It took me all of about 40 seconds to configure the IMAP and POP settings for the gmail. I have tried to get the AOL/AIM screen names to work in there for nearly a year with no luck. So Goodbye AOL, kiss my disgruntled butt, and HELLO Google! My gmail address is

As soon as I get caught up on blogs and get things figured out here I am planning on some neat things I'd like to do in my blog on a regular basis. I plan on doing something maybe three to four days a week that will be a regular feature in my entries. I belong to several freebie sites so one thing I will be doing is posting links to freebies. Maybe on Fridays? "Friday Freebies" has a nice ring to it I think. I also may share some recipes and money saving tips which helps out a lot with our economy in the toilet like it is. Maybe household hints and tips or something like that. I want to do something different since this journal is a fresh start here on Blogger and have some fun with it.

My daughter is doing great today. Thank you all for your comments! She hasn't thrown up once since yesterday morning. She hasn't indicated to me that she has any pain today nor have I seen her holding her abdomen at all or grimacing. So hopefully the worst is over.

In regards to comments:

Missy - I have been reading up on this and you are correct. This is not uncommon at all in girls this young, or younger. I have just always associated this with women and menstruation. However in researching it I found little girls as young as 2 years old have had ovarian cyst ruptures! You learn something new every day!

Becky - first of all thanks for stopping by! I thought the same thing about giving her the fluids in an IV. She even had an IV in! When they gave her the bag of fluids and the nausea medication they left the IV port in. I guess the nurses and doctor weren't that smart. Or they just thought she was enjoying vomiting non stop for hours on end.

And with that I'm off to get ready for Monday Night Football. My Redskins are playing the Steelers tonight and I wouldn't miss this game for anything. My dad is a big Steelers fan being a Pittsburgh area native. While I have to admit the Steelers are doing pretty good this year, there is NO way they will beat the Redskins. I wish the Cowboys would have beaten the tar out of the Giants this weekend. No, I do not like the Cowboys. But I do like the Redskins and the Eagles!! And had Dallas played better this weekend and beaten the cocky Giants, that would have made it easier for the Redskins and Eagles to move up in the standings, where they belong, come the end of next weekend. But that's okay. The Eagles are going to knock them down a peg next week since Dallas couldn't get the job done!

Have a great night,

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  1. I love the new look of your blog, and I'm glad your daughter is doing better!