Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

I hope everyone had a nice trick or treat! My boys are both gone so it was my daughter at home. Our day started off lousy and even though we made the best of it, neither of us really wanted to venture outside and go trick or treating. So we sent hubby off to get some candy and we're eating some now.

Everyone has been sick around here on and off all week. It started with my mother in law earlier this week. Then my daughter and the oldest boy weren't feeling well. Around Wednesday I started feeling lousy. Then yesterday we were all fine. But today both my daughter and I woke up feeling lousy again.

We had just started feeling a bit better around noon. Then I heard a car racing down the street. I swear you would think my street has a sign that says International Speedway or something. I keep saying someone is going to get hurt out here. If I'm outside I yell at them. I don't care either if they hear or what they think. There is no reason do drive that way down a residential street where there are kids usually outside playing.

Anyway, following the loud noise of the engine racing past I heard a sickening thud and a cat screaming. Now we have all these strays out here and a few have been run down in the past. But when I ran to the window to see what cat it was... I nearly fell over with shock. There laying in the road was my neighbor's cat with a pool of blood around him already and his little tail just twitching, almost if he were trying to wag it as if to say come get me don't let me die here in the road.

Of course the kids and I did just that. As we got out there another neighbor was picking him up and my daughter had a blanket that I grabbed on the way out. As she brought him up the drive to lay him on the patio table, I realized how bad he was.
I had already called my husband to tell the guys to come home now (hubby works with the neighbor doing contracting). They came home at lunch and had just left again to run to the bank and do another job. When they left the cats got out of the house. It wasn't more than 10 minutes later that Shaggy was hit! I was so afraid he'd be gone by the time they got here though he was that bad. The little guy hung on long enough to be rushed to the vet but he was so messed up he had to be put to sleep. The guys buried him in the back yard. His, not ours.

I hope I never again see anything as terrible as that for the rest of my life. It was absolutely the worst thing I've ever seen. During all of this I had an asthma attack and thought I would need a doctor too. That little guy was my buddy. He was a big orange fluffy cat that was the most loveable creature on earth. And just like that he's gone, never again will he rub up against my legs for affection. These jerks out here have got to slow down. Next time it may just be a kid. And they didn't even stop! How can you run something down and keep going like that?? I don't understand that.

So after that our day was pretty blah. We cheered up though and made the most of it. But we just didn't feel up to going out this evening. I didn't hear trick or treaters out tonight at all. We live one street away from another little village and they had their trick or treat last night. I'm thinking most kids went there last night and skipped tonight altogether. Usually there are tons of kids out here. I only heard a few and I think they were just passing by maybe because I didn't hear anyone say trick or treat. Maybe a lot of parents had their kids skip trick or treat because they can't afford dentist bills lol.

Well I best make my way around to some journals. I have LOTS of catching up to do this weekend ;) OH that reminds me... I found everyone that I was looking for! Now I had just better keep up this time!

Have a good night!


  1. That is so sad.

    We have speed racers on our street too. And it isn't even young kids - its adults that do it. Jerks.

    I hope you and your family get better fast.



  2. (glad you found all that you were looking for with journals :)

    that was a shame about the racing cars and the cat; you are right, it could easily be a kid the next time! so sad that people can't just slow down

    I think that would have put the damper on my trick/treating time too :(


  3. I'm so sorry about the kitty and everyone not feeling well....
    Have a better Sunday...

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